New Things to Check for the 2023 GMC Canyon

New Things to Check for the 2023 GMC Canyon

GMC Canyon has always been a great pickup truck in its category and this is the reason why its sales number is always steady. If you’re looking to enjoy a remarkable pickup in all its glory, then you need to simply opt for its 2023 version. To book it, you can easily reach Glassboro GMC dealer and consult the sellers. Nevertheless, you need to check certain new aspects of this vehicle quickly.

New things to admire about the 2023 GMC Canyon

This GMC truck has several changes and almost everything is all-new about this vehicle. The new addition to Canyon’s lineup is its off-road AT4X model. Its ample performance capability was previously seen only in its rivals such as Chevy pickups’ ZR2 variants.

This off-roading machine will come with a ground clearance of 10.7 inches; this is possible because of the mud-terrain 33-inch tires and a 3-inch lift. However, such lifts are available in every version of Canyon, which means every trim comes with some added height; for example, Elevation variants are equipped with a 2-inch factory lift.

Apart from these, various other things are added to GMC’s package Edition 1. It consists of extra cameras, light bars, bumpers, bead-lock-capable 17-inch wheels, and a winch. Some of these features might sound similar to people, as some of these are also provided by Chevy’s ZR2 Colorado model.

Also, it is equipped with a turbocharged engine and offers a completely new and revised interior, which is significantly improved than its previous generation models. These are the new things that are changed in this vehicle and made it an all-new Canyon that every pickup enthusiast will love.

In addition to the aforementioned info, prices of the new generation Canyon have changed too. The new prices start from $38,395 for its Elevation trim. Other trims include AT4 at $45,295, 4WD Denali at $52,495, AT4X at $56,995 and Edition 1 AT4X at $68,000 approximately. To know more about available deals and pricing details, please head over to Glassboro Buick GMC dealer.

Towing power

The maximum towing capability of this pickup is 7,700 pounds; such power is available for trims such as Denali, AT4, and Elevation. Its AT4X can tow 6,000 pounds and its Edition 1 package can tow 5,500 pounds.

Such towing is available because of this vehicle’s powertrain. Hence, you need to check out its powertrain details next!


A 2.7L turbocharged engine is what people use for this vehicle. It creates 310 horses and 430 lb-ft of torque. Also, RWD is standard but people can opt for 4-wheel drive too. In addition, this pickup can travel from 0-60 mph in 6 seconds.

This powertrain is the reason why people can tow such heavy loads using this truck. If you need to know more about this vehicle, then visiting a GMC dealership is the way.

The 2023 GMC Canyon is one of the best trucks in the market and thus, it will offer you what you need. Its new changes and powerful capabilities are what make it an ideal buy for people.